Independent Schools Hockey League
Organizer: Gwyn Williams

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ISHL Super Leagues

League Points: 5 points for a win by 3 goals or more, 4 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw, 1 point for a scoreless draw, 2 points for a cancellation.
The ISHL Super League combines all age levels to provide a consolidated ranking for each region.

PositionSchoolLeague OverviewCPWDLPFPAPDPoints
1Wellington College1755297191409050180
2Marlborough College10492510141187246153
3Radley College2322057943262106
4Bradfield College7501612227694-18104
5Cheltenham College4491962484112-28103
6Abingdon School2189452924549
7St Edward's School, Oxford840463028142-11443