Independent Schools Hockey League
Organizer: Gwyn Williams

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ISHL Super Leagues

League Points: 5 points for a win by 3 goals or more, 4 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw, 1 point for a scoreless draw, 2 points for a cancellation.
The ISHL Super League combines all age levels to provide a consolidated ranking for each region.

PositionSchoolLeague OverviewCPWDLPFPAPDPoints
1Oakham School28151861550373251122476
2Repton School3912273940462185277445
3Oundle School4313970135632326657425
4Uppingham School3114574155627726215411
5Rugby School43141691458279294-15409
7Bromsgrove School18129421671197343-146249
8Trent College419131456166264-98226
9Stowe School107627643100178-78147